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Comprising five business units GRAHAM Asset Management has a significant and proven track record in delivery of maintenance and related services across the UK and Ireland.

Facilities Management

Providing a wide range of hard, soft, Total FM and minor works services. We have particular expertise in working with Local Authorities under partnering arrangements to improve service delivery and drive down costs.

Environmental Services

Provides specialist occupational health and safety services to ensure compliance with statutory obligations including:

  • Water Hygiene, Air Quality, Asbestos Management, Fire Risk Assessment and compliance training

Energy Management

Advising on all aspects of energy efficiency from building design to cost in use and whole life costs. Other services provided include:

  • Energy Monitoring and Targeting/Bureau Services, Development of Strategic Energy Management Plans, Development of retrofit solutions to minimise utility consumption, provision of Energy Efficiency Training

Fire and Security

Specialising in the supply, design, installation, commissioning and servicing of fire and security systems for all types of businesses.


Highway Management Maintenance

Maintaining services on main trunk routes providing traffic management services, defect/repairs services, winter maintenance and a range of day to day operational maintenance activities.


Our professionalism and experience allows us to provide a total compliance solution for your assets giving you peace of mind that you have taken all the relevant steps required.

With an extensive portfolio of experience in managing client assets ensuring compliance with Approved Codes of Practice (ACOP’s), Statute Law and best practice. Our abilities are evidenced across a wide range of compliance services.