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GRAHAM Energy Management will carry out a Feasibility Study on any organisation wishing to invest in the latest energy efficient technologies. This will ensure that the investment will fully benefit the business.

Solar Panel


In an evolving energy market, GRAHAM Energy Management is constantly working with manufacturer’s and suppliers to stay ahead of the competition.  This ensures that, as new technologies advance, we are best placed to impartially guide our client’s.

GRAHAM Energy Management’s study will outline the advantages and disadvantages of the new technology along with any logistical issues associated with its implementation. It will also quantify the associated installation costs, along with projected energy cost and carbon savings. This will culminate in a estimated financial payback plan.

  • Renewable Technologies assessed include Wind, Solar, Biomass
  • Energy Efficient Technologies include Variable Speed Drives, LED Lighting, BMS Upgrades, Bespoke Heating/Air Conditioning Control Systems, Automatic Lighting Control Systems
  • Project Management from Inception to Commissioning