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All of our installed systems are fully open protocol ensuring our systems can be fully supported throughout their lifetime regardless of the selected service provider or manufacturer.



We are certified by NSI Gold/BAFE to design, install, verify and maintain fire alarms. Each system is designed specific for the client’s needs which will meet insurance and legal requirements for fire safety under the Regulatory Reform Act and current British and European Standards.

  • Certified to BAFE SP203 for all four sectors of design installation, verification and maintenance
  • Fire detection and alarm systems to BS5839
  • Fire extinguishing and suppression systems to the current standards
  • VESDA and ICAM aspiring detection systems
  • Emergency lighting to BS5266


These systems use small bore pipe work with points to sample air and detect the presence of smoke in the building. The sensitivity of an aspirating sensor can be commissioned to operate in all types of environments and provide a very reliable means of detection.

Aspirating systems are particularly useful in:

  • Large rooms/enclosures
  • Areas where point detectors would be inefficient
  • Areas where point detectors would be aesthetically unacceptable

Aspirators can be applied in conjunction with any other type of fire alarm system including radio systems.


Current building regulations insist that all new non-domestic buildings with more than one story provide a ‘refuge’ area for those who cannot easily use a fire escape.

The refuge area is deemed as a safe area where disabled people can wait for help. These areas are fitted with a two way communication system to allow emergency services to communicate easily with those waiting for assistance.

The systems fitted will be:

  • Vandal resistant
  • Low profile
  • Unobtrusive
  • Braille options functionally


Our professionally trained and FETA/BAFE qualified technicians provide advice and on-site professional consultations. We supply, install and inspect all types of fire extinguishers and suppression systems including:

  • Water, Powder, CO2, Foam, Wet Chemical, AFFF Extinguishants
  • Vaporising Liquid Extinguishers and Inert Gas Halon substitutes
  • All supplied, installed and inspected to BS EN3 and BS5306